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Cannabis / CBD Gift Bag Special

A great innovative healing gift July special, only
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This fab July special has all the anti-inflammotry healing propertie you could wish for.

It comes with a 180 gram Canna Soap and 250 gram Cannabis oil Bath Salts. 

Our Cannabis oil Salts and soaps are made with a very pure extract of Cbd oil and freshly picked leaves and flowers of the leonatis leonurus. (Wild Dagga. )We advise this product for adult use only. It is highly medicinal and great anti depressant. The extended medicinal properties are also used in the treatment off diabetis, epilepsy, varicous veins, bi - polar and depression. It wil also lower your blood pressure. 

A natural Healer: Wild dagga combinations are used to help high blood pressure, jaundice, haemorrhoids, dysentery, fever, headaches, influenza, asthma and coughs.It has also been used in the treatment of  epilepsy and partial paralysis.